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Screening employees for drug use can help protect you from liability and reduce your insurance cost. Some insurance companies may offer up to 7% discounts for companies that drug-test, so make sure you ask your insurance provider. If you have already enforced a drug and alcohol program for pre-employment, random, post-accident or return-to-duty screenings, or need help establishing one, Universal Drug Testing is your Solution. You Can Trust Universal Screen to help make you Workplace Safer One Test at a Time!

Universal Drug testing has partnered with laboratories that are certified under the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The collections may be performed at our convenient location or for your convenience, we can offer Mobile Collections at your facility.

Universal Drug Testing offers a variety of DOT and Non-DOT collections to fulfill your program requirements. These testing methods and tools are designed to provide the best program and results while complying with all Federal, State and Local Laws.

Services Available 24/7 On-Site

Universal Drug Testing offers the convenience of our highly-trained collector to come to your location to perform all your drug testing services.

Available Methods

  • Lab-based Drug Screening (urine, oral fluid, hair, nails, and blood)
  • Instant Urine Drug Screening
  • Instant Oral Fluid Screening
  • Alcohol Screening (Breath, Urine, and Saliva)

Alternative Testing

  • Fingernail & Toenail Testing
  • K2 Testing
  • ETG Alcohol Testing
  • Court-Requested Hair Follicle Testing
  • Many More

Methods of Testing

  • Pre Employment Screening

    Universal Drug Testing is open to screen potential employees for employment at our 2504 Cayer Ln., Ste. D location or on-site for your convenience.

  • Post-Accident

    Universal Drug Testing provides post-accident drug and alcohol testing 24 hour a day, 7 days a week by simply calling our toll free number. When an accident takes place or if there is a suspected occurrence of drug use, we will dispatch one of our highly-trained mobile collectors to collect the specimen of your choice and/or perform the breath alcohol test at your location or wherever needed.

  • Reasonable Suspicion

    Universal Screen will provide qualified collectors should a Reasonable Suspicion situation arise

  • Random Selection

    Universal Drug Testing can manage your program to conduct monthly or quarterly random selections of employees using approved, reliable reporting programs.